Hey App

Experience a new, better way to connect with your closest friends.

Tag places, locations, schedule meetups - all within Hey App.

Starve the Ego

We were on a path of discovering Hey - a new app that will change the experience of connecting with your friends.

Even though we had a map, we really enjoyed the process of discovering new ways of reaching the destination - which, from our side - looks great.

Hope that on your side, it looks as good as it is from here.

New Kid in Town

Focused on changing the chat and messenger experience, Hey brings your friends closer to you.

At the core of Hey - we will find people. I designed Hey Landing page around that core and I came with a solution that is both playful and sharp.

Using this kind of design combined with bright colors, I offered the landing page a place in the present, but also in the future. One of my main focuses was to not waste space, information and time.