Approach a new way of thinking

Connect with your consumer on a person level

Only when you understand the psychology of your consumer, you can start directing your efforts towards bringing the consumer to you. It is important to position your brand to appeal to the emotional brain of your audience. Connect with your consumer on a person level; think about their thoughts, their values, their goals that you can design an effective strategy to rise in the market.

Account for goals. Figure out your consumer’s end result – emotional needs – and focus your marketing accordingly.

We are all under influence. Design your brand promise to reach the consumer’s emotional self.

Expectations are everything. Tell people how you can take them to their destination and what’s the experience they are going to have.

We don’t like making decisions. Make the process easier and stick to your consumer’s mind, where brands actually live.

Capture value. Become synonymous with your consumer’s end result and pop up whenever in their thoughts.

Change perspective. Make your consumer desire the journey rather than the destination.

Use emotion-provoking visuals and leave people wanting more

Stop focusing on the product itself and start focusing on the story around the product.

The story plays a huge role in engaging the consumer. Therefore, the lifestyle approach works. Instead of just designing a beautiful product, think more about the person who will use your product. Who is he/she, what does he/she does, where does he/she go, what does he/she feel?

When going visual, the same rules apply. Stop focusing on the product itself and start focusing on the story around the product. Where will the product be used, what does it make you feel, how can you benefit from it. Let your visual marketing sell more than your business, product or service by using lifestyle photography.

You have to pump up your social media visual game by creating visuals which contribute to your overall social media strategy and which translate into boosting engagement. Not to mention that strong relevant images influence how people feel and now you know this the way towards a buying decision.

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