Improve the consumers’ life emotionally

“When you have 2 coffee shops right next to each other, selling the exact same coffee at the exact same price, service design is what makes you walk into the one and not the other, come back often and tell your friends about it.”
- 31Volts

In a competitive environment where products and services can be easily duplicated, what is left to cut through? Sensorial experiences that engage on an emotional level.

Your product or service is only a bridge to the end-result customers really want. Deep down, everybody is looking to have their needs fulfilled and sometimes the means to it may be your product. It’s not about the latest Iphone’s features, but the desire to belong and the “I’m better than you” feeling. No matter how effective a product may be, it is the emotional added value that leads consumers to buy it and remember the brand.

The best thing you can do is make them want the experience of crossing the bridge more than the product itself. Succeeding to elicit emotion and build connection happens when you find out what is most important to your customers and you do it better than anyone else.

Think experience-first

“People spend money when and where they feel good.”
- Walt Disney

Products can no longer stand alone. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes and design an experience that meets their needs and expectations around the product you’re selling. Visualize their journey and how you can make it meaningful and relevant. Think of it like gift offering. Of course, the present itself matters, but the wrapping is just as important. The unboxing experience impacts people’s emotions and their perceptions of product value.

To maximize your brand experience, you must start mastering a true sensory synergy. By defining sensory branding, you go beyond the logo or the business name. You create a more memorable identity which will build lasting connections to engage the human buying behaviour.

Whatever people see, taste, feel, smell or hear contributes to their decision-making process, every element being an opportunity for you to build brand affinity.

The more senses your product appeals to, the greater the brand experience.

Are you ready to see why sensory branding makes sense for you?

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